Chris Matenaers

Welcome to my personal web-site

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Please note that this website contains little content at the moment. Much of the content on this website is actually for my amusement and should only be viewed consenting to these terms and conditions.

For the new visitor: Chris Matenaers (aka. Christian Alexander Matenaers) is a 30-something, German born male, living in London and working in the eCommerce industry. His hoobies include:

  • SCUBA Diving: see my diving exploits
  • The eCommerce industry: see my work history
  • Watching Movies of questionable repute: a list of recommendations
  • Everything Open Source: Stuff for Linux or Stuff for Code
  • Cooking: here are some of my recipes
  • Playing both board and computer games
  • Other scholarly pursuits
Although much of this site should be self-explanatory, I do get frequent requests. These requests are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. You can go here to view where Chris currently is and what he does. You may also view Chris Matenaers' Blog.