Social Media Presence


Intro to Social Networks

I do not think much of social networking. One of the reasons that build this page here is so that people don't see what I'm up to on social networking sites. But I do use social networking sites, mainly for my own amusement...

If you want to see how I expose myself in social media, here are some links to various profiles.
Please note: The Chris does not like facebook

I do have a facebook profile, but I keep it hidden and unavailable for people. I do not want to be friends with you on facebook. I don't see the point of that company at all or why marketers think it's so valuable as an acquisition platform. I think I previously blogged about it and I shall post the link to that here. In any case, I have certainly commented on various people saying that facebook is the "Ubernet". If I was interested in pointless dribble and even more ads, I would watch day time TV...

Twitter is also quite pointless, but for some reason I get actual responses from people and discover the one or the other snip-it of information on eCommerce and other things that interest me. Google+ is actually a good community that I endorse the usage of. It has a nice interface and is easy enough to manage. It's a shame that not many people use it.

I also use LinkedIn, which I think is an interesting portal and quite useful.

How I use Social Networks

I generally only post on Google+, I use a service called ManageFlitter to send my public Google+ posts with the hastag #twt to Twitter. It does all the shortening of the posts itself, aledgedly (although I noticed that a lot of the longer posts aren't sent).
Thankfully Twitter is a bit better with it's sharing and linking capabilities, so I think, depending on the hastags I use, the post then gets shared on LinkedIn and facialbook (which incidentally is a great name for a porn site).

Google +

Google+ is my preferred platform for social. The are various reasons... for one it's more like Twitter in the sense that I can see what individuals and organisations, that are interesting to me, are up to by following them. I follow the likes of Ubuntu, Python, Programming, Star Wars or the Eurpean Union. Of course other people can follow me and see what I publicly post without me having to give them permission. But unlike Twitter there is no 140 character limit, so I don't have to decipher abbreviations. It's like facebook, in the sense that I can see my friends and talk to them and share pictures, but without the ads. Thankfully Google took over the concept of different groups from Orkut (pronounced "Orchid"), so I don't have to have one circle of friends, but can seggregate what my family sees from what my friends see. I know facialbook have also adapted that concept, but from last looking at this, it's difficult to use and kinda suxx.

In any case, here is a link to my Google+ profile.

Sadly, and also one of the many things that are less good about Google+, they don't have nice widget that I can present here. It's almost sad, but I'll write something to digest some RSS feed and then I pop it in here...


My Twitter user name is dengar and here is my Twitter profile.

Actually the Twitter widget here is pretty, erm, shitty. I think I probably will need to redo this at some point and use an API to actually get the contents of my timeline.


I do like LinkedIn. It's a great way to stay in touch with recruiters and people you worked with. Because of it's system of recommendation, you can actually get some sort of feedback on potential candidates. I don't quite understand the concept of endorsing someone, as it's just a badly positioned box on top of people's profiles. I normally make a snap decision of endorsing or not and have probably endorsed some people multile times and for things that they shouldn't really be endorsed for.

I think I will put 'Shark Taming' as one of my skills and then get all my friends and colleagues to endorse me as a shark tamer.

LinkedIn does have a widget:

Again, it's not so customisable, but hey... is also one of the networks I'd like to endorse and share. It's nice seeing what friends are listening to and allows "scrobbling" from pretty much any device. It used to work on my iPod and since I now use Subsonic to listen to music through the cloud, it does that too (provided I'm connected).

I think, because I'm listening to a lot of music from my personal stock of MP3s, not everything is scrobbled correctly. My music taste seems pretty dull, I suppose.

Here's a link to my profile.

They also have many widgets:

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Recent tracks: