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Keyword categorisation tool for PPC SEM

I always categorised keywords manually. Until recently that is...
Here is a python script that can cateogrise keywords the way you want it. Follow the link to get the keyword categorisation tool and sample files.

Geo IP Lookup

One of the main things you would like to know about your website's users is where they are from.
I wrote this little PHP script to look up the visits location based on the IP address of the browser. I make a call to a thrid party service... Try if I got your GEO IP fine...

Download Images from a URL

Want to download images from a remote URL?
Here is how you can use PHP to download an image to your server from a remote location.

Resize images on your website - automatically

I used to have (or maybe I still do) an ecommerce webstore. One thing that I always needed was good product images, but even when you get an image in one size, you often need to resize it "on-th-fly". I needed the same image to fit 80x80, 120x120 and 300x300 and sometimes even bigger. Another problem was that I needed to resize rectangular images to fit in a square field, without having to stretch and distort the image. Here is a PHP implementation that resizes images and saves them in the new dimensions on your server.

Cool little QR Code generator...

This little application will generate a QR code for you. It will save the QR code to a DB and make sure that each code is only generated once. Read more and generate codes...